Misusing An Elder's Financial Accounts For Personal Gain

If someone has obtained the right to use an elder's credit card as a result of undue influence or a breach of fiduciary obligation, it may be considered financial elder abuse. Here is one example:

An elderly California woman gives her caregiver her credit card so that the caregiver can go to the grocery store and run other errands. However, the caregiver misuses the credit card for personal purchases and gifts for her friends, running up a $10,000 bill in the elderly woman's name in a matter of months.

In situations such as this, legal remedies are available. For most victims of financial elder abuse, the ideal resolution involves stopping the abuse, reclaiming the money, and punishing the wrongdoer. Attorney Philip Brown is here to help you understand your options, and to pursue the best resolution possible. To arrange a one-on-one free consultation, call 424-281-0991.

A Lawyer With Extensive Skill In All Types Of Cases

With more than 45 years of experience and a record of multimillion-dollar results, Mr. Brown is well-positioned to handle even the most complex cases. As an attorney, he helps victims take action against dishonest individuals who:

  • Physically steal an elder's credit card or checks
  • Use the elder's credit card numbers to complete unauthorized transactions online or mail order transactions
  • Use the elder's name and credentials to fill out a credit card application
  • Forge the elder's signature on checks
  • Commit other types of credit card and check fraud

Discovering Whether Wrongdoing Occurred

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