Careful And Precise Resolution Of Family Issues Concerning Financial Elder Abuse

Every circumstance involving allegations of financial elder abuse is unique. Because of this, it is not always clear whether financial abuse by a family member actually occurred. Sometimes family members take actions that are in their own best interests. In other instances, the actions family members take are in the best interests of the elderly individual.

Phil Brown Law provides representation to both individuals alleging financial elder abuse among family members, and those accused of such abuse. We will thoroughly investigate such matters to establish whether such abuse did occur. When speaking to you during a free initial consultation, we will provide you a straightforward assessment regarding your case and concerning the possibilities of a favorable outcome. Call 424-281-0991.

Taking Immediate Action

Financial elder abuse often arises in families when one child in the family holds undue influence upon an elderly parent. Such a child may convince the parent to take actions that would favor that child. That child may also have control over the elderly parent's finances with little to no oversight.

There is no time to delay when allegations of financial elder abuse among family members arise. Without a court action and a restraining order in place, a family member could quickly spend a significant portion of the elderly person's savings. And in the event there is a judgment against a party, such a judgment is of little use if wronged parties are unable to collect upon it.

Our law firm understands the processes for recovering funds wrongly taken from elderly individuals. We also understand the steps you can take to prevent financial elder abuse from occurring, and the legal options available to you to prevent such abuse from continuing to occur.

For over 40 years, attorney Philip Brown has represented individuals in Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California in a variety of legal matters. He is an experienced and capable negotiator who can find common ground among family members regarding financial concerns. However, in the event that no suitable compromise is possible, he is always prepared to try your case in court.

Providing Personalized Representation

Much of Philip Brown's success as a lawyer is due to his ability to work with clients and listen to their concerns. Everyone he represents finds him to be a good listener who is attentive to their needs. To contact Phil Brown Law, in Beverly Hills, please call our office at 424-281-0991 or contact us by email.