Holding Financial Wrongdoers Accountable

Financial exploitation of vulnerable adults is never acceptable in any way, shape, or form. If your loved one has been the victim of such abuse, there are several legal options for punishing the wrongdoer.

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How To Get Your Money Back

Here are the three main avenues of retribution:

  1. Taking the money back — In itself, this can be a form of punishment because the wrongdoer will no longer have access to the funds. Many times, adult children who are taking advantage of elderly parents do not have steady employment or other sources of income. Depriving them of the elder's money puts them in a very unpleasant financial situation.
  2. Seeking punitive damages — Punitive damages, or additional money awarded to the victim, are typically available under California law for intentionally wrongful acts. Financial elder abuse often falls into this category.
  3. Forcing the abuser to pay attorney's fees — California law regarding lawyers' fees is quite unique. Typically, a winning plaintiff does not recover attorneys' fees as part of the damages. In elder abuse cases, however, the plaintiff (the elder or his or her representative) can recover the fees if he or she wins the case. If the plaintiff loses, he or she is not required to pay the other party fees. It's a win/no-lose situation for the elderly victim.

Uncovering All Of Your Legal Options

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