Steps Your Lawyer Can Take To Stop Financial Elder Abuse

Attorney Philip Brown has experience representing the victims of financial elder exploitation. For over 40 years, he has represented clients in Los Angeles County and throughout the surrounding areas of Southern California.

Obtaining Court Orders To Stop Financial Elder Abuse From Occurring

If the abuser lives in the same residence as the vulnerable elder, Mr. Brown can help that elder obtain a court order requiring the abuser to move out. An elder abuse restraining order may also prohibit the abuser from visiting, calling, emailing, or contacting the elder in any other way.

A restraining order can also put a stop to the financial wrongdoing itself. If someone is misusing the elder's checking account or trying to pressure the elder into selling property, for instance, a court order provides a powerful defense.

The Steps You Can Take

There are also a number of steps you can take to protect your loved ones. Here are just a few:

  1. Have a plan.
  2. Have contact information for reporting agencies, such as:
  3. Listen closely to the elder.
  4. Ask for permission to talk with the elder's doctor and a lawyer.
  5. Beware of new "trusted" friends:
    • Neighbors, caregivers, brothers and sisters, relatives
    • Friends running errands, such as going to the bank
  6. Watch for unusual account activity.
  7. Keep the Social Security card safe.
  8. Avoid giving personal information over the phone.
  9. Remove mail promptly from the mailbox.
  10. Review bills and bank statements.
  11. Shred confidential and financial information if you can.
  12. Make a copy of all items in the wallet and keep in a safe place.
  13. Visit as often as possible.
  14. Get advice from an experienced attorney — and follow it.

Guidance For Victims Of Financial Abuse

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